Saturday, 20 June 2009


YESTERDAY was a good day.We managed to crawl out of bed and met photographer Tony Ozegovich for the photoshoot. I grabbed a few bits from my suitcase and put some outfits together. The first location was downtown where he also showed us some graffiti art him and his friends did (you can see some of the artwork in the video blog too!). The sun was blazing and we were sweltering but we got on with it! One location was at the top of a parking lot where the view of Miami was absolutely amazing.The last location was South Beach! After taking some pictures, we walked the whole strip and tasted a lovely alcoholic slurpy from the bar 'Fat Tuesdays'. We also passed the place where TV programme 'Miami Ink' was filmed as well as the newly refurbished location. Wish I could get another tatoo but I'm running out of time :-(..but then again?lol...

We ate some lovely fresh spanish food down Espanola Way at restaurant 'Tapas & Tintos'.The street was really picturesque with cobbled roads and lots of fairy lights.And after lots of clothes-changing, running around, posing and chatting we called it a day around 9 pm.

Hopefully going studio tomorrow so until then my people

lotsa lovin

Beenieboohoo :-)