Friday, 17 October 2008


top-bottom:darth vader of the bass Sean, some of the band, sis Nadine and Kadija Kamara, me and the band, moi,me crapping myself before going on stage @ The Hidden Julep, lil sis asante and my best friend Dandan, asante being a donut, having fun, ipadippadaceous my operation how many people at the station..

HEYA im so so bad. sorry I hvnt been about. lots of dramas, lots of things going on, u know how it is. Me, lil sis and me best friend went to this BBBAAAADDDDD night last week called TRADING PLACES. Good Times. Indeed. U shudda been there!!!!!!oh

Well apart from that I've been working like a dog, tryna make that p. Got sum pics from one gig I did at the 'Spice of Life". Photos were taken by a lovely photographer by the name of Jonna. One of the best shows we did.I've posted a few on this blog.

Booked studio in December for the recording of my EP. Thinking of what to call it.mmmmmm? Got a show in November and tryna confirm some more, so as soon as I get the confirmations you'll be the first to

Well until next time



Thursday, 9 October 2008


YES YES.Well its the end of another gig, another musical journey through my life, loads of ups and downs. It was good. It was raw. I played the guitar which was daunting at first but I quickly got into it. I haven't done an acoustic set in ages. That's how I started, just me and the guitar. It was real nice to do that again. 

Most of my songs, if not all of them, are about my life experiences and sometimes I emotionally go back to that particular place in my life. Which is good and bad at the same I cried on one particular song cos boy love sucks sometimes, but I had to suck it up and move on cos I had like 7 more songs to The day wasn't the best of days either but I thought to use my energy to do a good performance and  put my heart into the songs.

A few people talked but I'm used to that now.Honestly its cool cos it actually makes me work even harder on stage....But then again after a while it can be yes I know I'm starting to sound like I'm moaning but I'm just repping us musicians.Put it this way, its like a friend telling you something that happened to her/him that was so deep and all during him/her telling you how he/she feels, you're talking over him/ its all good.

I just have to suck it up and say to myself 'Whatever...get it together' innit


PS-Il put some footage up in the next 2 days. That's a promise.


Sunday, 5 October 2008


left-right: with oh-so-cute Tiny!,  aaahhhhhh!!!back to work

Well hey hey hey! these last couple of weeks have been manic. Had a gig @ The Soho Revue Bar, which went very well indeed. The sound in there is wicked and we all had a good time. Though preparing for it was alot of work. Whilst working at my 9 to 5 I had rehersals galore. First separately with the band and then some with the backing vocalists, then Full Band rehersals. I also was running around like a headless chicken trying to find something to wear and texting people to come as well as posting it on all the other web pages I have. Plus drugging myself with echinacea tablets to keep my cold at bay.'lol'(one word). And thats just to name a few things... Now I'm not having a moan or anything, Its just sometimes I meet people who think that putting a band together, writing songs and singing etc takes 2 mins. But theres so much work thats put in for those 20 mins on stage or even if you're singing one song. Well enough of me rambling.

I have a gig on the 8th OCT @ The Hidden Julep, 11 BOROUGH HIGH STREET, LONDON BRIDGE, SE1 9SE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only £5

Its gonna be lovely! and I'm attempting to play the guitar!lol its gonna be a nice and intimate acoustic gig. Not to be missed.

Well il post a video clip of the Soho Revue Bar gig very soon!

Back to work tomorrow :-( and back to doodling and daydreaming about meeting Andre 3000, Bjork and being on the Jools Holland show whilst at work. :-(

Until next time people!!!!!!!