Monday, 27 April 2009


WHAT A LIFE! well I've been busy working and getting stuff's a lil summin 4 ya. I'm the official Portobello Market fan and visit there even when its packing up time as you will see in the vid. Working on my mixtape as well which will be out soon so hold tight my friends!

Was my birthday yesterday but I love birthdays so much I actually call this period my birthweek and celebrate for like 7 Started off raving it up last saturday at Dj Quincy's 'Intoxication' party which was heavy. Got home bout 6am and then raved on monday with one of me best mateys in a bar (vendome) in knightsbridge. Had lurvely strawberry champagne. THEN on my birthday I received lotsa texts and love and Truth Movement dropped by my house before I went out again yesterday night to another club. And somehow amongst all this I got to work on time

Well my lovelies enjoy the vid, there's more to come. Also check out some of the Anthony Hamilton performance on my you tube channel ObenewaTV!




Wednesday, 22 April 2009


HEY sorry I've been a bit awol. just alot of things going on right now so its been hard to update the blog. but IM BACK NOW!!!!lol. well in a few days Il have another update of what I've been up 2. Well I've just been songwriting and working. started a new job thats kool and kinda settling in. Went to see some friends of mine perform on the weekend. They are 2 brothers and part of a fresh new band called The Score. They were Lemar's support on his recent UK tour! I will upload some of their music. In the meantime go to

and you'll see what they've been up 2 and their music video which is available for request on channel AKA so you know what 2 do!

well my dears Obenewa is very tired but will blog you in a few days

have a wicked rest of the week

lov Beenie

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well as you will see in the blog last week was slightly manic. I had so much fun with Lynnike and Sefa on their drivetime show (tues and thurs on Bang radio 103.6 fm). Its so nice to meet other crazy girls. lol. I still can't get over the red light that tells you you're on air. It's like as soon as it comes on my mind loses memory. So that's why I typed in a few people 2 big up in my video

There is a part 3 to this blog as I will be showing you more footage of the gig, so hold tight. But you will find all the footage on you tube within this week (obenewatv). I will let you know.

But 4 now

Sunday, 5 April 2009

In the meantime....

YEAH YEAH! heya people. Thank you for your messages that I've been receiving since the Anthony Hamilton show. I'm looking to release a mixtape in the next few weeks so I will keep you updated and show you the process on my blog.

Boy it was quite nerve-wracking but I managed to get through it AND keep my heels on throughout the set!lol. Before I went on, Anthony was at the side of the stage with me which probably made me even more nervous but he told to just take deep breaths and il be fine. but i think the more he was talking to me the more I wanted to have a panic Anyways as soon as I start one of my songs, for some reason I start to feel at ease and I enjoyed performing and was really pleased with the feedback.

Anyways, Il be uploading video footage but in the meantime Ive uploaded some pics of me with some friends I was with yesterday. We had a lovely time talking bout back-in-the-days mobiles that were like the size of bricks as well as other madness and then went to a party in a car park. yeah in a car park! It was wicked with trainers hanging everywhere and the walls decorated with graffiti, and I didn't get home till bout 3am. Which is why I'm signing off and going to bed!lol

until next time

have a wicked day

lov Beenie

Thursday, 2 April 2009


HeyHey. my colds nearly gone which is good. I just got 2 hours to go before it has to go backstage and slightly crapping myself cos insecurities kicking Il be cool though. Boy what a day. You prepare prepare prepare and then it's over in like 20 mins. Madness but it's got to be done. Well the next blog will have a clip of me and the TRUTH moveMENT performing at the Indigo2 and some goss 4 ya. This blog video is jus a likkle ting of yesterday's rehersal in the shed. 

Anyways have a blessed day.

lotsa lov Beenie