Tuesday, 31 March 2009


HEY PEEPUULLL! hope you are having a blessed day. Just absolute madness at the mo, leading up to the Anthony Hamilton gig. Got a radio interview later today with BANG radio (103.6fm or around 6pm so if you're bout a radio or a computer at that time. TUNE IN, YA HEAR?!!!lol

Got the last rehersal tomorrow! Insecurities kickin in now but I will conquer them. I

Well if you saw Madrid part 1 a few blogs back, you would know there had to be a part 2! Yes last time you saw how we got bumped in McDonalds with my sister paying £4 for a kids Happy Well all was not doom and gloom as we enjoyed a day in Sol (Madrid's City Centre) amongst other things. My camera ran out just before the gig which is a total bummer dude but I will upload sum pics and try and find a video clip of the actual performance from someone else.SOWEEE!

Well until next time. Adios Amigos



Saturday, 28 March 2009

My friend's having a baby and I'm tryna help her with baby names lol

Monday, 23 March 2009

MADRIDDDDDD!!!! part 1

 MADRID was wicked! stayed in a pucker 5 star hotel and my bedroom was round. yes hevryting was round, the walls, the bed,etc etc. The weather was lovely too and me and my sis 

performed at a club for music project 2000 Black ( The musics really high energy and the crowd were loving it. After the performance DJs Benji B and Dom were rocking it HARD! 

But yes Madrid was a well earned break from all the madness back in London and now Im ready to power tru! So peeps you betta watch out!....well after I get rid of this cold you betta watch yourself! oh my days Im going doolally I tell ya and before I further enbarass myself I'm signing off.

Until next time!

lov Beenie




mwah! Beenie

Friday, 20 March 2009

What a beenie up to 2? (boo to the cold!)

Oh my days. this cold is getting on my last nerve. Right about now I sound like a female version of Joe Cocker, and he's a wicked singer and that but it does not suit me at all. My throat feels like its got a thousand nails lodged inside it. anyway enough of my hypochondriac moaning.

This blog just highlights some things that I've been up to in the last couple of weeks. I sang at a charity event for my old school. They were raising money to donate to the British Heart Foundation and CRY (Cardiac Risk in Young). This was also in memory of a former student Fabian Maingot who tragically passed away as a result of a heart disorder. The concert was wonderful and it was lovely to be a part of something that would help change some people's lives.

I also saw some old school friends and met the amazing Jason Yarde. Now Jason Yarde and I knew each other through myspace but there's nothing like meeting up face to face. He's a lovely guy and a BAAD! (in the colloquial sense lol) saxophonist and composer, CHECK OUT HIS MYSPACE YA HEAR!lol

I also went to a MauMau gig where Femi Temowo (wicked guitarist!) was playing some old and new material. The vibe was live and until the next one, here's a little something for you to enjoy!

love beenieboooo!

Support the Cause

Heyhey I've got some gigs coming up.

First one I am performing at is to raise awareness of human trafficking. I watched a video clip compiled by the organisation Hope for Justice, explaining how slavery is still rife throughout the world. 'In fact as you read this, two children per minute are being sold.'Which is why I'm performing this thursday 25th March at the YMCA, 25 St. Mary's Road, Ealing, W5 5 RE to support the cause. Come down! Free admission but donations welcome on the night!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What's a beenie up to?

hey peeps. well its been a while but Iv been busy sorting things out. You know how it is. but here's a lil blog to show you what Iv been up to. My friend Kassa aka Progression has been helping me out with sending the funky house remix of Papercuts to people so listen out for it and if you don't hear it then please request it peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day!
lorra lov


Sunday, 8 March 2009


Heya peepz. hope you lot are good. Il be uploading a video blog soon but in the meantime you need to check this guy's mixtape out: So Far Gone. Drake's been around for a while and some of you reading might think 'I've already got this mixtape!'. BUT IF YOU DON'T YOU NEED TO. Bad singer, bad songwriter and bad rapper. check it out! Drake: So Far Gone.

Have a blessed day