Friday, 19 June 2009


YES IT'S NOT FAIR I can't cop the gold 'Creative Recreation' trainers!!!They were calling me but it's all my bloody purse's fault for not having no money in it. kmt I tell Well after that trauma, Nadine and I went to FOREVER 21 and purchased some bargains and went back to the yard to get ready to go out that evening. Our cousin runs a night called 'Miami Soul Sessions" where there's live music as well as great DJs and a nice vibe. It's held at Club 323 and everything in there is white. Pretty suave I must say. We said we'd leave 'early' as we had a photoshoot the next day but we ended up getting home at around 3am! So you can imagine the crazy morning we created (which is in my next blog peeps) ...

Started writing for one of the songs for the mixtape. It's hard sometimes cos when you think something is just 'decent', someone else could think it's "The!" (as my lil cuz says) or of course vice versa lol. Well, Ima keep working on it and get TRUTH moveMENT approval when I get back home.

Until tomorrow lol

Lotsa lovin
Beenie Ya dun kno


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