Sunday, 30 August 2009

Last day of the blimmin summer kmt

Well what a mad summer us londoners have had. It's had its ups and downs (weatherwise it has been mostly downs lol) and its gonna be autumn on tuesday! 15 or 16 weeks from Christmas and a new year! so I've got some MAJOR movements I need to be making before the year is out...but I must remember things happen at the right time and that we realise that in get there..

My mate's dragging me to Notting Hill Carnival tomorrow. Maybe when I get there Il feel different but right now I could just chill tomorrow. lol..

The mixtape is coming along, just mixing it and then it is done and will be available for all u lovelies to download! Hope you like it! In the meantime here's a lil summin for Busy Bee

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What a Busy Bee!!!!!

WELL IT HAS been a while my dears but I've been working terribly hard to finish dis bl*** cl** mixtape lol. As well as working me lil butt off @ me 9-5. I'm getting old kmt, cos as soon as I finish my 9-5 and put a blog together I'm out cold lol. I fell asleep with the laptop on my tummy last night lol. I think I only woke up cos it was burning my skin cos it had been on far too long lol (its an oldie)

Well I hope you enjoy this blog and there is more to come so until next time!

Asta la vista bloggie friends!

Beenie boohoo

Monday, 10 August 2009


Well what a few weeks I've had. Uploading has been an absolutely nightmare but here's
a lil sumthin for ya


love Beenie