Monday, 29 September 2008

My Interview with Dirty Media

Heya until I've worked out how to put this blasted interview on my blog, check it out on youtube!

Lov Beenie


YES I KNOW 'why haven't I been writing in my blog??'.WELLL where do I start! I've been working like a mad woman, trying to put some money together for my EP, website etc.  I've been rehersing for my upcoming gigs!

Soho Revue Bar, 11 Walkers Court, Brewer Street,

I'm one of many of the amazing artists performing on the night. Going to perfrom NEW TUNES with a FULL BAND!Not to mention new members in the band! My lil sis will be doing backing vocals for me too so we're going to have sum lovely 3-part harmonies!!!YAY!not that you really care cos only geeks get happy over dem things.


A lovely intimate set-up with Mike on guitar and Alex on percussion. A longer set of new and old songs. Going to find the courage somewhere inside me to play the guitar!

And today I took some piccies with the lovely Ikenna Mokwe. It was very daunting at first cos as soon as I saw his camera I wanted to pull a silly face. Then he said 'smile' and I was like pulling some kinda plastic-i-dont-know-what-the-hell-im-doing! smile. So he asked me about my egghead boyfriend and as soon as he asked me his name, I smiled so much I thought my face was going to split!lol. When he sends those pics Il put them up on me blog as well as a few others. I'm such a nutcase!

The day before, me, 'star' and my lil sis went to portobello market and saw the most gorgeous stuff. It was a lovely day and we were laughing all day, especially when we were all attempting to MC over my funky house compilation CD. In the car with the windows up, never to be heard again!lol

AND THE DAY BEFORE THAT it was my best friend DanDan's bday. It was a wicked night apart from the part where she forgot her ID and we were waiting in the cold for about 40 mins. And apart from the time when 'African Warrior' came on and I nearly got crushed and had drink spilt down my back (quite refreshing doh).lol. Oh yeah and apart from the part where my new shoes were starting to sever my feet off my body. lol. Apart form that I had a wicked time!As long as there's funky, I'm good!

Well I think I've rambled long enough and I promise I'll blog you lot in the next couple of days!

til next time 


Sunday, 14 September 2008


SSSSOOOORRRRRYYYYY! I took so long.its been a busy week.Kadija Kamara's gig was excellente! Check her myspace ( We had loadsa fun. She looked gorgeous, as you can see in the pics! 

Theres a little dodgy video clip of Miles, Alex and I jamming in her house before the gig. I had an idea for a new song but then started to play my old songs. Alex grabbed a little bongo drum and Miles started on the sofa lol. It was too much! 

Put Yourself in my shoes (Living Room Remix)

Anyways..these days ive been trying to sort out rehersals for upcoming gigs including 8th OCT @ THE HIDDEN JULEP.11 BOROUGH HIGH STREET,SE1 9SE!!!!!!!!!!!watch this space..and also sorting out things for my EP which will be recorded VERY SOON so WATCH THIS SPACE!


Thursday, 11 September 2008

aint NO business like SHOWbusiness

my goddaughter lil lioness

Well, I said I'd share with you my ups and downs, and yesterday I had a bit of a nosedive. Sometimes its hard trying to get to where you want to be (I know alot of people reading this may be going through the same thing). Then I went to see my goddaughter and she changed my whole mood! She put on her favourite sunglasses and I just had to laugh. She tries to pose like a model, with her back to the camera and her head turned over her shoulder. I know, its madness the way kids go on these yeah sometimes you got to remember the simple things that are around you, you know...

Well I'm back on track and I have A GIG! at:


Its an acoustic gig and going to be FUNFUNFUN!

lotsa lurve

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Heya well I know I said friday i'd upload the rehearsal video but i got caught up in some things so sorry for the wait!

I wrote a song on i think last wednesday night. I was trying to go to bed but I kept hearing these chords. It was really late and I tried so hard to go to sleep hoping I could work it out in the morning but it just got worse and worse. So I wearily reached for the guitar (which is by my bed at all times) and played in the dark. At that kinda time, the light switch feels like miles away. I used my mobile phone light to write the words out and finished it that night. At the end of the rehersal video is a snippet of the new song!

Over the weekend, I wrote some new songs on another project I'm involved in called The Truth Movement, and been trying to arrange further rehearsals as I might have a gig on October 1st in London Bridge so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Until next time!

lov B

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

THE WAY I LOVE YOU/the way I write

me and my sis 'lioness' outside jazz cafe, promoting my gig

TODAY i've been tryin to sort out a few things...practiced the guitar, piano and vocals...Vocals is the worse cos the neighbours can hear well...wat can i do ey?

Nothing much to report apart from givin you an EXCLUSIVE! i recorded a new song I wrote called "The way I love you". just me and guitar. Excuse my guitar playing ok?! I play by ear and it's funny cos my friend kept askin me to play an A over some chord I was playing and I looked at him and said 'I don't know what I'm playin rememba?' he jus laughed cos he completely forgot.

I write most of my songs at night for some reason. Some songs I dream about. This one I was thinkin about whilst drivin home and had to keep singin it to myself whilst I was drivin so I didnt forget heard the music in my head and as soon as i got home I picked up my guitar and went from there.... Anyways hope u like it

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


top-bottom: Donaeo,Some of the band, Me and "sis" DanDan, my tiny lucky charmMy "sister's" mum, my goddaughter, me and "sis" J

YES TODAY I struggled out of bed and tonight I'm struggling to go to bed. I think that sums up most musicians' sleeping

I managed to get myself together to go and join "my sis from another miss" and her mum for birthday breakfast. It was her mum's birthday.Now you're probably wondering why the hell I have this picture on the right(after the pic of me and Dandan). Well my sis J is half-Turkish and in their culture the tiny brooch is something you give to people as a lucky charm and to ward off any negativity. I think she said it's called "The evil eye". She brought me back one from Turkey and I thought it's really cute and sweet of her! Now don't worry, this blog is not going to turn into some Blue-Peter-general-knowledge type thing (for all those who don't know 'bout Blue Peter, its a very uncool children's tv show thats suppose to teach children about all the wonders of the world and also shows them how to make things that they'll only end up throwing away the next day when they realise how useless it is) No,its jus me being the geek that I am, sharing something I think is interesting!

Well moving on swiftly to the evening, I went to see Donaeo perform at MTV Base's Live Lounge. As always it was a great performance, and the band was excellent, as always! If you havent seen Donaeo perform yet then you're missin a screw!lol His performances are always exciting and bound to make you move. Also Mpho Skeef and Roll Deep performed too, which were both a-ma-zing!

Well I tried to record a little something but its a bit out of focus at times. I'd like to say it was on purpose and me taking some sort of abstract approach to filming, and call it "Through the eyes of a drunkard". But its not.the recording quality of the music's still good though!


Monday, 1 September 2008

WELL LAST TIME I wrote I said I was goin to knuckle down to some Chopin. but I have a lil bitty confession...I never got to practice. I know! how naughty of me. It's mad because when I was younger I swear my mum was worried she would have to surgically remove me from the piano but nowadays I got so much love for the guitar. I know, I'm such a traitor...but tomorrow's a new day. And I do love the piece I'm learnin. I think its called Waltz in C minor...but you're probably not as geeky as me...geeks rule anyway!lol

Was up until 3 am last night, writing songs. It feels so good to be writing again after my little dry spell. Its like being hungry for hours and hours and then finally eating a lovely plate of food!(what a rubbish analogy but you catch my drift...)

Then I had to get up early to rehearse with this wicked singer KADIJA KAMARA (, who I'm doing backing vocals for .She has a show on the 13th sept and its going to be HOT! There's one BIG tune I love called "Keeps Callin".can't wait!

After that, I went to one of my very very good friends and was being a clown with her and her brother. We were giving children's TV tunes some RnB Harmonising and ad libbing all over the gaff. We were truly entering Central Geekdom. So people out there, don't worry if you thought you were the only one that did that, and if you thought about it,you should try it one day, and if your friends think its slightly idiotic just remember this singer called Obenewa finds it

Until next time folks!

P.S. booked a rehearsal session with the band on friday so you might just get a little sneak preview of the rehearsals on Friday night!WATCH....THIS....SPACE!