Friday, 26 June 2009



Well this blog is WELL overdue. Back in London and to reality. :-( But this blog shows you the last bit of me holiday. We went to Sawgrass Mills, a tremondously massive gigantic shopping outlet in Florida. And I saw the loveliest trainers (sneakers lol) known to left). Also browsing the net, I checked fashion label 'Married to the Mob', and I'm very much feeling their 'Well-behaved' t-shirt. Need to cop that soon.

The day after I got back to London, I went to a Hello Kitty event in Covent Garden, celebrating Hello Kitty's birthday. I know you 're thinking this big woman going to a Hello Kitty event, well HELLO but she is the cutest character ever. Larger in real life as you can see in the pic and she's got the sweetest merchandise!lol.

Well the mixtape is coming along nicely as you'll be able to see in the next blog and hey I may throw in a sample!... but the deadline is in 2 weeks so soon come.

Until next time!

Lotsa lovin Beenieboohoo-I-want-dem-damn-sneakers!!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009



Well it's been an eventful holiday to say the least. The last couple of days have had thunderstorms so we seem to be leaving at the right time! We went to Fat Tuesday's (a bar on South Beach) and had some alcoholic slurpies. Mine was rum punch mixed with raspberry amongst other things. And it was 'The' lol. The pictures came out really well and I will upload some more very soon. Considering we were sweating under the sun and went to various locations in the space of a few hours, they came out lovely. Big up to the photographer 'The Real Miami Vice' (pictured with sis Nadine) lol

What was also lovely was meeting up with a fellow London Bird and friend Hannah (pictured above). Until recently, we didn't know we booked our holidays around the same time. My sis and I met up with her and her friends and enjoyed cherry ices, even though we had to repeatedly stab them with all our might to get any out of the cup to

We also went to famous club 'LIV' at the exquisite 'Fontaine Bleau' Hotel for my cousin's birthday, who ran the club night. And none other than Nas was there to give him birthday wishes! The club was banging, the drinks were flowing... Oh yeah, our cousin introduced us to the drink Nuvo. It's absolutely gorge and it's pink, which gives it top marks from me lol..

Anyways I've said enough. Enjoy the vid!

Lotsa lovin

Monday, 22 June 2009


HEY HEY people! WHAT A HOLIDAY IT'S BEEN. Coming home in a few days and I do miss home a bit. But I've been having plenty of laughs over here and I ain't gonna get the sun, sand and sea like this back My cousin Lunchmoney ( has a mixtape coming out soon (july 4th) so we were working on something that would possibly go on it. Also in the video blog, is his friend Bizerk who will also feature on his mixtape so watch out for that!

Met up with some more family, soaked up the sun, ate some more heart attack food....I actually haven't got much else to say cos it's all kinda in the video blog(lol) enjoy...x

P.S. I'm loving my cousin's DC trainers (pictured above). 

Until next time

lotsa lovin

Saturday, 20 June 2009


YESTERDAY was a good day.We managed to crawl out of bed and met photographer Tony Ozegovich for the photoshoot. I grabbed a few bits from my suitcase and put some outfits together. The first location was downtown where he also showed us some graffiti art him and his friends did (you can see some of the artwork in the video blog too!). The sun was blazing and we were sweltering but we got on with it! One location was at the top of a parking lot where the view of Miami was absolutely amazing.The last location was South Beach! After taking some pictures, we walked the whole strip and tasted a lovely alcoholic slurpy from the bar 'Fat Tuesdays'. We also passed the place where TV programme 'Miami Ink' was filmed as well as the newly refurbished location. Wish I could get another tatoo but I'm running out of time :-(..but then again?lol...

We ate some lovely fresh spanish food down Espanola Way at restaurant 'Tapas & Tintos'.The street was really picturesque with cobbled roads and lots of fairy lights.And after lots of clothes-changing, running around, posing and chatting we called it a day around 9 pm.

Hopefully going studio tomorrow so until then my people

lotsa lovin

Beenieboohoo :-)

Friday, 19 June 2009


YES IT'S NOT FAIR I can't cop the gold 'Creative Recreation' trainers!!!They were calling me but it's all my bloody purse's fault for not having no money in it. kmt I tell Well after that trauma, Nadine and I went to FOREVER 21 and purchased some bargains and went back to the yard to get ready to go out that evening. Our cousin runs a night called 'Miami Soul Sessions" where there's live music as well as great DJs and a nice vibe. It's held at Club 323 and everything in there is white. Pretty suave I must say. We said we'd leave 'early' as we had a photoshoot the next day but we ended up getting home at around 3am! So you can imagine the crazy morning we created (which is in my next blog peeps) ...

Started writing for one of the songs for the mixtape. It's hard sometimes cos when you think something is just 'decent', someone else could think it's "The!" (as my lil cuz says) or of course vice versa lol. Well, Ima keep working on it and get TRUTH moveMENT approval when I get back home.

Until tomorrow lol

Lotsa lovin
Beenie Ya dun kno

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Well we've finally got rid of our jet-lag and we're ready to parlay!! The video blog below shows ya what we've been up to so far. We visited Versace's house which has now been converted into a hotel and restaurant. Walked along South Beach and Ocean Drive and went to the Kardashian sisters' boutique 'Dash'! Then we came across this pet shop called 'Petit puppies'. There were the cutest teenweeny dogs: a parent's nightmare if their child goes in there cos there's a chance they won't be coming out empty-handed! lol

And then we had our chill-out times when we were just chillaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun. I miss home (You gotta miss home right?lol) but I'm having a wonderful time and my sis is making my laugh and we've got so much to do before we leave! She has a photoshoot tomorrow, that I might watch this space!

Unitl next time (meaning tomorrow)
Lotsa lovin
Miss Ya-dun-kno aka Bee



Well my dears I'm loving MIA!!! Got a rental car with my sis Nadine so we are fully independent lol. Went to 'the Maalll' with my cousins and found the cutest kid's store called 'Miss Katie's Charm School". It had lots of little necklaces, beads, tutus, toys and the cutest maternity wear. No, I'm not pregnant but I can still look can't I? And I'm loving these vest tops (pictured left). They're simple but oh so gorgeous and they're available on Miss Katie's website ( or if you go to They would be great baby shower gifts!

Until next time

Lotsa lovin
Miss Beenie

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Heya it's me again. I'm in Miami!!! lapping up the sun, writing and reflecting. Out with my mad sis Nadine. We've been going mad on skype and both have a bout of twitteritis lol..anyways I'm knocking up a blog about our lil adventures in Miami so hold tight...

Anyways in the meantime, just wanna let you know how much I love my funky house. There's a mixtape done by the name of DJ Shafty which I'm feeling and there's some wicked tunes on it including 'kiss from a stranger' (above) or I think the original is called 'kissing strangers'. Its a house tune produced by german DJ Ralf Gum and the vocals are by a lady by the name of Monique Bingham but I'm loving this remix. This is the best quality I could find I'm afraid but I have a feeling they'll be better versions once it gets even more play than it's been getting.

Lotsa loving Beenie

Monday, 15 June 2009


The Score - Girls Gone Wild from James Heath on Vimeo.

You know the score ????

YES!YES! I told you Il be abusing my blog mercilessly i tell ya. Well last week I saw the band THE SCORE perform at the Roundhouse, Camden Town. They performed songs from their amazing debut album 'OPUS' (AVAILABLE ON ITUNES) . They all play, they all sing and they're all HOT! What more do you want huh?! lol. Check out their new video 'Girls Gone Wild' out on channel AKA and Fyzz


Lotsa lovin Oohbenwaaa


Well once again it's been a long time. been busy working and singing and recording and performing but its all good. A few weeks ago I performed in a nice venue called the Bar Music Hall, Shoreditch. It was a lovely summer's day and my lovely friend and wicked photographer Anja King took some photos of me!

The mixtape's coming along and got just a few more songs to go before we ( TRUTH moveMENT) make decisions on the final choice of songs and mix it down. Got some gems produced by some of the TRUTH as well as some collabos including a duet wit my big sis and big singer Miss Nadine Charles and instrumentals you'll know! The video blog shows her putting down her vocals on the track and her son giving her tips on some adlibs lol. Also working on me logo again with a good friend and through all the heartache and pain of it all, I'm enjoying getting this mixtape together and can't wait for the finished result...might give you a little snippet soon, but in a few weeks it will be available for download on my myspace! FREEE! we all love that word don't we lol. but when it's up il let you know and you best tell your friends and spread the word.

lotsa lovin Beenie