Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I've officially gone crazy. Jus tryna get the music off the ground feels long right now but in my mind there is no alternative, so I gotta take the rough with the smooth etc. Well a week ago I performed for the first time this side of the year. It was at the 'LOL show'. It was a show involving other artists, comedians and a lovely poet by the name of NATALIE FIAWOO. she tore it up. i'm going to post a poem of hers soon so keep your eyes peeled...

Dreaming of going away to the sunny land of Miami. I'm there in my mind so I guess in time Il actually be there in reality. In the meantime I'm getting meself together in good ole london and soon Il have some tracks for you to download whilst the EPs getting finished. Anyways il keep you posted.

lorra lov

beenie x

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Well what can I say! I'm very very sorry for being away from me blog but I'm back! It's been mad trying to get my stuff together. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. Here's a lil summin 4 ya.

Lots of love