Wednesday, 3 September 2008

THE WAY I LOVE YOU/the way I write

me and my sis 'lioness' outside jazz cafe, promoting my gig

TODAY i've been tryin to sort out a few things...practiced the guitar, piano and vocals...Vocals is the worse cos the neighbours can hear well...wat can i do ey?

Nothing much to report apart from givin you an EXCLUSIVE! i recorded a new song I wrote called "The way I love you". just me and guitar. Excuse my guitar playing ok?! I play by ear and it's funny cos my friend kept askin me to play an A over some chord I was playing and I looked at him and said 'I don't know what I'm playin rememba?' he jus laughed cos he completely forgot.

I write most of my songs at night for some reason. Some songs I dream about. This one I was thinkin about whilst drivin home and had to keep singin it to myself whilst I was drivin so I didnt forget heard the music in my head and as soon as i got home I picked up my guitar and went from there.... Anyways hope u like it


Anonymous said...

powerful stuff...i can relate!x