Friday, 29 August 2008

Well its bout 7:30 am...early times do not agree with me but I got a meeting this morning  with a web company. Hope all goes well...(fingers crossed)

here's the first blog piccie. Jus me performing @ a club in West End. I'd add some more pics but its too early in the mornin for this so I'm a bit slow with everything. sorry.

Going to pass through West end before I go to this meeting. Bought a garment that didnt fit so I'm gonna take it back. God help me. I hope I don't buy anything else but there's so many nice things right now for Autumn/Winter, I might jus have to get something....(",)

Anyways back to music...ooh I jus scrolled down and noticed the killer shoes I wore in this pic. Leopard skin is another fave of mine so once I conquer this page and start designing I'm afraid you mite have to see a little leopard print in the background! Those shoes are ridiculous! But they were "Garment of Last Month", which means I have to get a "Garment of THIS Month"lol. Do you think that'll work with my Mum...this might be the last blog I ever