Wednesday, 22 April 2009


HEY sorry I've been a bit awol. just alot of things going on right now so its been hard to update the blog. but IM BACK NOW!!!!lol. well in a few days Il have another update of what I've been up 2. Well I've just been songwriting and working. started a new job thats kool and kinda settling in. Went to see some friends of mine perform on the weekend. They are 2 brothers and part of a fresh new band called The Score. They were Lemar's support on his recent UK tour! I will upload some of their music. In the meantime go to

and you'll see what they've been up 2 and their music video which is available for request on channel AKA so you know what 2 do!

well my dears Obenewa is very tired but will blog you in a few days

have a wicked rest of the week

lov Beenie