Friday, 20 March 2009

What a beenie up to 2? (boo to the cold!)

Oh my days. this cold is getting on my last nerve. Right about now I sound like a female version of Joe Cocker, and he's a wicked singer and that but it does not suit me at all. My throat feels like its got a thousand nails lodged inside it. anyway enough of my hypochondriac moaning.

This blog just highlights some things that I've been up to in the last couple of weeks. I sang at a charity event for my old school. They were raising money to donate to the British Heart Foundation and CRY (Cardiac Risk in Young). This was also in memory of a former student Fabian Maingot who tragically passed away as a result of a heart disorder. The concert was wonderful and it was lovely to be a part of something that would help change some people's lives.

I also saw some old school friends and met the amazing Jason Yarde. Now Jason Yarde and I knew each other through myspace but there's nothing like meeting up face to face. He's a lovely guy and a BAAD! (in the colloquial sense lol) saxophonist and composer, CHECK OUT HIS MYSPACE YA HEAR!lol

I also went to a MauMau gig where Femi Temowo (wicked guitarist!) was playing some old and new material. The vibe was live and until the next one, here's a little something for you to enjoy!

love beenieboooo!