Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Music is the best cure

Well its been a nice week. I recovered and went back to my general day to day life. Went by Kassa's and him and Sean (Bassman) was working on a track with Bashy. Caught some joke.Had Sean give me a lecture bout taking care of my health and that. He was like 'why don't you have your painkillers on you?' and I was like 'Cos im fine. I don't feel any pain' so he was like 'so what happens when you do?' Umm...aahhh...Sean I guess you have a point so you'll be happy to know I have them with me everywhere I

Started laying down harmonies and that for my EP and trying to get hold of some string players.

Also I had some session work last weekend which was fun, especially cos it was some funky house tunes. And last night Kassa, his sis Abeni and myself had a 'You Tube Fight'. Basically finding tunes that the other person couldn't find or searching for a propa old tune that some one else couldn't remember etc. You catch my drift. Sad I know but don't go on like you haven't done it before, and if you haven't then you will eventually .lol

until nx time

Beenie boo!


Incisive said...

Keep up the good work - just a post to let you know im reading!!!