Wednesday, 7 January 2009

From new year's eve chilling to new year's day ravin to some new year's days in hospital (lol)

 Well where do I start the new year has been a barrel of laughs to say the least. Il put a video blog up over the weekend but for now here's a lil summin.

New Year's Eve was lovely. Had some of The Truth Movement and fam over me yard. Cooked a lil summin and jus chilled. Didn't leave til 5am. dirty stop-outs lol.

New Year's Day my girl Dandan took me to a rave in Vauxhall. We had good times.Donaeo was rockin it with his new tune 'PARTY HARD!' and Hotsteppa, GalFlex, FabVibes, Invasion and many more were there doing their thing. 

A couple of days ago I wasn't feeling well and thought nothing of it. But I got worse and had to rush to the hospital. Had my mum with her deadly eyebrows frowning at me with her 'you should look after yourself  and eat right' monologue. But its all good cos i know she loves 

I was in alot of pain and the doctors have to go through some sort of survey with me. The nurse (who was lovely by the way) was asking me "now on a scale of 1-10, how much pain are you in?" Its like well I sure as hell wouldn't come to hospital if I was a 1. I'm thinking just give me some painkillers so I can get out of here. Then the nurse said "Do you know who you look like? Alexandra from X-factor"...for some reason I've been getting that alot. Which I don't mind but when I'm in severe pain, rolled up in a ball on one side of the hospital bed, it's not really the right

Anyways they kept me overnight, the staff were lovely and helpful and I feel much better. 

Well I'm getting myself together and next week got some rehersals and overdubbing for the EP!

Until next time!