Monday, 1 September 2008

WELL LAST TIME I wrote I said I was goin to knuckle down to some Chopin. but I have a lil bitty confession...I never got to practice. I know! how naughty of me. It's mad because when I was younger I swear my mum was worried she would have to surgically remove me from the piano but nowadays I got so much love for the guitar. I know, I'm such a traitor...but tomorrow's a new day. And I do love the piece I'm learnin. I think its called Waltz in C minor...but you're probably not as geeky as me...geeks rule anyway!lol

Was up until 3 am last night, writing songs. It feels so good to be writing again after my little dry spell. Its like being hungry for hours and hours and then finally eating a lovely plate of food!(what a rubbish analogy but you catch my drift...)

Then I had to get up early to rehearse with this wicked singer KADIJA KAMARA (, who I'm doing backing vocals for .She has a show on the 13th sept and its going to be HOT! There's one BIG tune I love called "Keeps Callin".can't wait!

After that, I went to one of my very very good friends and was being a clown with her and her brother. We were giving children's TV tunes some RnB Harmonising and ad libbing all over the gaff. We were truly entering Central Geekdom. So people out there, don't worry if you thought you were the only one that did that, and if you thought about it,you should try it one day, and if your friends think its slightly idiotic just remember this singer called Obenewa finds it

Until next time folks!

P.S. booked a rehearsal session with the band on friday so you might just get a little sneak preview of the rehearsals on Friday night!WATCH....THIS....SPACE!