Friday, 26 June 2009


Well this blog is WELL overdue. Back in London and to reality. :-( But this blog shows you the last bit of me holiday. We went to Sawgrass Mills, a tremondously massive gigantic shopping outlet in Florida. And I saw the loveliest trainers (sneakers lol) known to left). Also browsing the net, I checked fashion label 'Married to the Mob', and I'm very much feeling their 'Well-behaved' t-shirt. Need to cop that soon.

The day after I got back to London, I went to a Hello Kitty event in Covent Garden, celebrating Hello Kitty's birthday. I know you 're thinking this big woman going to a Hello Kitty event, well HELLO but she is the cutest character ever. Larger in real life as you can see in the pic and she's got the sweetest merchandise!lol.

Well the mixtape is coming along nicely as you'll be able to see in the next blog and hey I may throw in a sample!... but the deadline is in 2 weeks so soon come.

Until next time!

Lotsa lovin Beenieboohoo-I-want-dem-damn-sneakers!!!!!!